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轻轻地告诫男人“山外有山”,不要骄傲浮躁。我用搞笑 图片打动你的心

I went online to find an airplane template and just traced it right from the computer. I used Word to make the letter "F" and in a font that I custom paintings liked. For the world I just Googled "world template" and printed an image that I liked. I traced it straight from the computer and used that as my stencil. Now, you just trace and cut! I used two airplanes, one world and one "F". You'll also need to cut four pieces of paper for the background of each picture. I used two red and two grey and white striped. Use the paper inside of the frame to measure. Now just glue the pictures to the front and insert them into the frames. I used a paint pen to write "Adventures Await" at the bottom of the world picture.

One battery technology that may prove a game-changer is a lithium-air battery. Going back to the theory of the battery, you get electron current flow because at the positive end of...